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Anna McMorrin MP Statement: Carillion Collapse

January 15, 2018

On Monday 15th February, it was announced that Carillion, the UK's second largest construction company, has been placed into compulsory liquidation because bosses ignored warnings of collapse to protect their huge bonuses, putting thousands of jobs and pensions at risk - many, unprotected vulnerable agency workers. The Tories blind commitment to outsourcing has put jobs and vital public services in crisis -  it had been clear for months that Carillion has been in difficulty but the Government continued to hand over contracts to the company even after profits warnings were issued. Labour is calling on the Government to bring these crucial public sector contracts back in-house in order to protect Carillion’s 20,000 employees, supply chain companies, pension holders and British taxpayers, as well as a full, independent and transparent investigation into the actions of Carillion, those linked to the company and the Government.