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Anna McMorrin MP joins #PlasticFreeParliament

February 9, 2018

I am supporting the Surfers Against Sewage’s #PlasticFreeParliament campaign aiming to highlight and tackle avoidable plastics. The project is focused on 5 single-use plastics across the parliamentary estate; of which over 2 million were purchased in 2017!

The campaign encourages MPs to reduce your plastic consumption by using refillable bottles, using a reusable coffee cup, refusing straws and plastic cutlery and work with SAS to encourage stricter rules on single-use plastic purchasing in the Commons Commission and the annual environmental Improvement Plan and Responsible Catering guide. 

As a member of the Environmental Audit Select Committee, and avid campaigner for tackling climate change and protecting our oceans, I am pledging to reduce my single-use plastic, and encourage my fellow MPs to do the same!

There is a new website to update on how the campaign is going: